Your Gardening Efforts Will Be Helped By Adding This Amazing Companion Plant

Even the most seasoned gardener can grow weary of seeing the same vegetable plants day in and day out in their garden, making gardens and gardening sound like such a boring activity. It has happened to me – and I grow some of the most gorgeous veggies this side of Whole Foods. It wasn’t until a well-meaning neighbor stopped by one morning that I realized I could make my garden much more beautiful with the addition of a few perennial flowers. The best news of all is that it wouldn’t mean any extra gardening work for me.

Perennials are strong and generally local flowering plants that come back year after year. Unlike annuals, they don’t need to be replanted. Instead, the plants simply die back in their off season, only to return the following year with fresh, beautiful blooms for all to enjoy.

Your Gardening Efforts Will Be Helped By Adding This Amazing Companion Plant

Before you Plant Perennials in your Garden

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It is strongly advised that before you go through the effort to plant perennials in your garden, you ensure that the potential planting area as adequate soil drainage. If water sits in the area for longer than a few hours after a rain, you may be better off using a raised bed.

To test, simply dig a hole about 6 inches deep and fill it with water. Wait about twenty-four hours and fill it with water once again. In no more than ten hours, the hole should be dry. If not, the drainage isn’t optimal for perennials and you should consider raised beds, or another area in your garden.

Help Nature With Organic Gardening

If you are wondering about whether or not to start organic gardening please keep thinking about it. Go and gather all the information you need to make a wise decision for yourself. Organic gardening is something that will not only be of great value to you and your family, but will also help the global family and our planet. By everyone pitching in just a little it will go a long way to helping out the planetary challenges we are currently facing.

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While organic gardening can be a lot of fun and very rewarding there is no doubt some significant effort required. This means it is pretty simple to do, but perhaps not so easy. And remember everything of value does require some work to realize the benefits. The main difficulty with organic gardening is that you cannot use many if any of the commercially available products in your gardening effort. Commercial products for the most part contain chemicals which are not part of the organic experience.

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The bottom line is that everything you use in your garden must be natural, organic, it must come from nature and not from artificial, or chemical means. Now this does not mean you cannot find organic products commercially available for your use. Organic products are typically harder to find and a bit more expensive in some cases than the artificial ones. But do not let that deter you. You can actually find and prepare your own natural products from the environment around you.

Gardening is no easy task, especially if you have put quite a lot of effort into it. It won’t take you long before tending to the flower beds, pruning and doing all sorts of other gardening chores starts to feel tiring and overwhelming.

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